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This exhibition will explore the ways color is used to interpret and represent history, heritage, and culture through the lens of fiber arts. We invite any conceptual textile artists from FAMA to produce pieces reflecting on this theme, drawing from your own experiences, identities, and ancestry.  

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TIAC & FAMA present: Color Culture

Open now-May 1

Color Culture will be held at TIAC during the summer of 2023 and will educate visitors on the history of color, focusing specifically on the symbolic use of color as it’s been represented in cultures throughout the ages. In conjunction with the exhibition, weaving and textile workshops will be held offering students and visitors the opportunity to reflect on their own color associations as they pertain to personal cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.

All submissions will be made on the TIAC website. Click on the button below.


Home of the Handweaving Museum. (TIAC)

  • All artwork must be original.

  • Finished artwork may not exceed 24″x36″ (864 sq. in.) or larger than 36" in any direction.

  • Entry form and images must be received by May 1 through the TIAC website. 

  • All artwork will be juried from digital images. 


TIAC houses over 4,000 pieces including textiles, books, and artifacts from weavers around the globe. They are a veritable paradise for textile, and more specifically weaving, enthusiasts looking for inspiration and knowledge. Our impressive collection represents some of the most pioneering work of 20th century North American handweaving, including an early study on the insulative properties of fabric.

 Questions & Answers

Can the work use any medium?

Yes, any media is acceptable but weaving must be the central focus.

How many images may I submit?

Two artworks per artist may be submitted. You may upload more than 2 images per work.

Do I have to be a FAMA member?

Yes, only FAMA members will be considered for jurying. To become a member visit us.

Can I sell my work?

Yes, the sales commission by TIAC is 60% artist, 40% TIAC

How many colors may I use in my piece?

There are no restrictions on color. On the artist statement, specify how, and why you chose the specific color and its meaning as it relates to you and your experience.

Is the work juried?

Yes, the work is juried by

a panel from TIAC.

Email us with any questions:

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