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Aurora Molina

Aurora Molina was born in Havana, Cuba in 1984. She emigrated to the United States at the age of sixteen, where she opted to pursue an education in art. Molina received her Associate of Arts in Visual Arts from Miami-Dade College, a Bachelors inf Fine Arts specializing in Mixed Media from Florida International University and a Masters Degree in Contemporary Art at the Universidad Europea de Madrid completed in 2009. She currently resides in Miami, Florida, where she works as a full time artist.

Alina Rodriguez is a Miami based artist/ museum educator/Curriculum Support Specialist and visual arts educator for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. She has intersected her 30 year teaching profession to embrace all her passions: textiles, visual arts, curatorial work, arts education for undeserved students and students with disabilities.

Aurora Molina and Alina Rodriguez received the Oolite Arts, Creator Award and the Wavemaker Grants at Locust Projects, an Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Long Haul Projects.

Evelyn Politzer lives and works in Miami, Florida. She was born in Montevideo, Uruguay where she studied law. Following her passion for fibers she graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC and is currently an MFA candidate at MIU. Through her work, Politzer expands our appreciation of fiber arts and the techniques of knitting and crochet as artistic form. ..

Susan Feliciano is an artist, educator, and poet. ... A native of New York, Feliciano attended Florida International University where she received a BA (1992), BFA (2001) and MS (2005). Feliciano is an Adjunct Professor at Florida International University's Art and Art History program and the Director of Inkimaru Studio.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Silvana Soriano is a visual artist currently based in Miami, Florida. Soriano has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Brazil, Spain, France, USA and Cuba since 1984, including having her work featured at Pinta Miami Art Fair

Nancy Billings, a New York native is a Coconut Grove, Florida based artist and

teacher. She received her BFA in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute. Her

movement from fashion design to fiber art was a natural transition using the

same medium in new and innovative ways. Nancy starts with a plan then

progresses in an improvisational way. She uses different surface design

techniques to enhance her work such as hand dyeing, silk screen, gold leaf,

mono-printing and fusing. Billings specializes in art quilting and Jewish textile

traditions, creating Chuppot (wedding canopies) and Tallit (prayer shawls).

She has been creating small and large interconnected facets using fabric, thread

and paint as she makes these facets challenge each other both physically and

visually. Billings taught sewing arts and fashion design from middle school

through college and was selected by the History Museum Miami (2015) for a

residency in Fiber Art.

Nancy Mastronardi

Mixed media artist and seasoned educator with the Miami Dade County Public Schools. Nancy is also and one of the  original founding members of FAMA,.FAMA is the offspring of Threading Thoughts: A Virtual Initiative. 

Teresa Colon

Ceramist and visual artist Teresa Colon lives and works in Miami, Dade. Her new passion is experimental weaving. Teresa is one of the  original founding members of FAMA,.FAMA is the offspring of Threading Thoughts: A Virtual Initiative. 

Born in Monterrey, Mexico (1971). Works and lives in Miami, USA.
Laura initiated her art studies at the University of North Carolina, the New York
School of Visual Arts and the Art Students’ League in NYC. She holds a Master’s Degree in Analysis and Management of Contemporary Art from the University of
Barcelona. Some of her exhibitions include the Instituto Cultural de Mexico in Miami, the Embassy of Chile in Washington D.C., the Centro Cultural Fatima in Mexico and the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles amongst others. 

Laeti is a Haitian-American artist living in Miami, Florida.  She uses various art media to address social and personal issues such as global warming and rising sea levels, blackness,  feminism, and acceptance.  She uses painting, textile arts, photography, illustration, videography, sound art and other media to portray beauty, while conveying her sometimes painful


“I interpret my work as ever-evolving, just as we humans evolve. We are never the same from one instant to another; we are changed by our experiences, circumstances and wisdom. Likewise, I change through my work as my work changes by my hand.” 

-Laetitia Adam-Rabel

A talented and curious South Florida artist known for her nature-inspired work in soft sculpture, fused plastic installations, and stuffed textile wall collages.  Alissa Alfonso creates work that honors the natural world by repurposing found materials to reflect both the abundance and waste characteristic of modern life. Her pieces celebrate the freedom inherent in nature, recognize lost and disappearing landscapes, and warn of a future in which nature can no longer heal itself.

Ana Weiss

Ana Weiss has found a new passion in the fiber arts and working with textiles under the guidance of Aurora Molina. She is a  mid career visual arts educator, artist and one of the  original founding members of FAMA.

FAMA is the offspring of Threading Thoughts: A Virtual Initiative. 

Maru, born in Caracas, Venezuela is a Miami based photographer,  multidisciplinary artist, and interior designer. For over five years, she has concentrated on photography and to studying women through the vision of Jungian psychology and Greek mythology archetypes. Learning fuels her vision as an artist and influences her work. She approaches her subject directly and sincerely without fear.  

Her motto is to be a voice for those who are unable or afraid to speak.   

Yapur is a Mixed Media artist who intuitively incorporates different materials needed for her textile work. She connects with the special environment created by threads, fabrics, scissors, chalk, measuring tapes and sewing machines that she had been exposed to throughout her childhood. She comes from a family of tailors and has been quite easy for her to fuse textile  with new technologies.
Yapur's aesthetic language is primarily centered on the creation of collages, using diverse techniques.

Angela Bolaños is a Honduran born artist living in Miami, FL. Her process-driven creative practice makes use of textiles, reflective surfaces, found objects, traditional media and experimental techniques. Inspired by organic shapes often juxtaposed with geometric
shapes, patterns and paper collage, the physicality of her work seduces the viewer with its rich texture, ebullient colors and expressive movement. The creative journey of her work represents physical expressions of her continuous search into concepts of identity, perception, and the passing of time.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, I have been creating quilt-based pieces for over 20 years.  After learning knitting, crochet, and sewing as a child, I studied art and photography at High School of Art & Design, in New York City, and Fashion Institute of Technology. After moving to Miami in 1999, I turned my focus to quilt making and geometric-inspired paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations.

Amy Gelb

Amy Gelb was born in New York City and grew up in South Miami.  She studied at NYU where she earned a BFA at Tisch School of the Arts in Drama and a Masters in Clinical Social Work.  Amy is a multimedia artist and photographer whose work examines the fabric of the female story and the layers that weave us to our past, to each other and to our potential futures. Her first monograph, As Is: Women Exposed, was published by Daylight Books in 2018 and has since been written about in both domestic and foreign publications.

Roxana Corradina

Roxana is an alumnus of Florida International University, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2000 and where today she currently holds a position as an adjunct instructor teaching courses in Performance Art, Art History I, Art History II, and Exploring Art. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where mher work explored issues of Cubanindad, for example, the contradiction between nostalgia and reality, as well as issues of immigration and exiles.

Cassandra is a fiber artist studying on full scholarship to pursue a career in the visual arts. Recipient of the Scholastic KCAI' 23. Visual artist YoungArts, 2019. Scholastics, 2019. NWSA 19. YoungArts has hosted several exhibitions by YoungArts master teachers, winners and alumni, including Derrick Adams, Olafur Eliasson, Daniel Arsham and Hernan Bas. 

Cassandra was a grant recipient of an artist residency to Xela, Guatemala in 2019 to study backstrap weav

A multidisciplinary artist who moved to Florida in 2017 from Philadelphia where she was

Professor of Sculpture at the University of the Arts. Jeanne is currently also a visiting artist at

Xian Academy of Fine Arts in China for three months a year.

Jeanne primarily creates interactive installations which reexamine cultural stories, myths and histories as well as sculptural work often made from cast paper fibers. Her work has been shown in museums and galleries both in the United States and abroad.

Debora Rosental 

Debora is a hand weaver lover of colors, textures and the challenges each new project brings. Lives and works in Miami, Florida. Was born in Argentina where she studied Pharmacy and Biochemistry. Has been weaving for more than 30 years, but it was not until recent years that she took her hobby to a different level introducing different techniques and natural dyeing to her weaving. She believes weaving allows her to interlace her inner courage, beauty, sensibility, and freedom to weave her tru

Mary Ruden  taught Art at the college level for over eight years; her artwork and sculpture is in  Public Art projects in several states.  She was awarded a  Preservation Award by the Knox Heritage  East  TN  Preservation Alliance. Her bronze statues  and recent quilts feature historic people and events such as the Centennial of women’s right to vote. She has an online portfolio with the  North American Orchid Conservation Center, an affiliate of the Smithsonian and at her website  maryruden.com 

Video “Right to Vote” includes Quilts by artist:

Karla Kantorovich is a mixed media artist from Mexico based in Miami, FL. She works

with paintings, fibers, and assemblages, leaning into the importance of texture and

dimensionality as a way of exploring renewal. She recently completed her Masters in

Studio Art from Florida International University (FIU) while actively showcasing her

work on multiple international platforms. Some of her more recent exhibitions include

the 2019 MFA exhibition at the Frost Art Museum and the Malamegi Lab International

Art Contest in Rome, Italy.

My fascination with texture has led me to explore on an endless range of surfaces from canvas and thread to wood and metal. I like to experiment with found materials such as twigs, nails and roofing paper. I enjoy the challenge of using materials originally meant for something else. My artwork involves shapes, lines, patterns, flowers, and motifs that derive from influences such as textiles and nature. A subtle line or shape can determine the direction a piece will take. Even if I have a sketch, once I start working my artwork often changes completely.


Many of my canvases are created in a modular fashion beginning with small squares that may be expanded or combined with others, or stand on their own. Every individual square embodies its own unique and distinctive story. My goal is to take the viewer on a special journey every time they look at my art. If each person walks away with a distinctive impression and experience from viewing my work, then my mission has been accomplished.

Yolanda is a visual artist, curator and writer with an MFA in painting from Yale University and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Florida State University.   Most recently, she served as the Director of Miami International Airport’s Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs, a post she held for 21 years.   Yolanda is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Art & Art History Department at Florida International University and is represented in New York by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.


Yolanda’s textile work is inspired by a Korean art form, known as Bojagi.  In its traditional practice, the stitching and seams create linear elements that are employed as components of the design, and are what distinguishes Bojagi from patchwork textiles found in other traditions.  In her Bojagi-inspired textile work, Yolanda is extending and interpreting the basic structure of Bojagi to a form that is more contemporary, varying in medium and size, and utilizing color compositions and stitching techniques that are less anchored to traditional methods.  

Liene Bosquê holds an MFA in Fiber and Materials Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a BFA from the São Paulo State University, and a BA in Architecture and Urbanism from Mackenzie University both in Brazil, where she is from. Bosquê received the Ellies Creator Award, Miami’s Visual Arts Awards, and a WaveMaker Grant in 2019.


Bosquê’s installations, sculptures, site-specific projects, as well as socially engaged practice works have been exhibited in museums and galleries In the United States at MoMA PS1 in New York, Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, MOCA North Miami, among other places. Her artworks were also included in international exhibitions in Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, and South Korea.

Brant has degrees in painting from the University of Montana  (BFA) and the University of Wyoming. (MFA).  Brant grew up on the western Plains Indian reservations (Sioux, Cheyenne, Assiniboine) where the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Public Health employfamily.  She has lived and worked in Montana, Wyoming, London, England, and Missouri and in 1999 moved to Florida to take a studio teaching position at Florida International University.   

Her subversive works executed in a variety of media, including fibers, painting and performance have been exhibited nationally and internationally. The year of teaching at Missouri’s Truman State University, 1997-98, introduced her to working with surface design. This introduction to the subversive use of found cloth and the needle arts has affected her art making as well as her teaching.  Brant offers a fibers course as well as teaching painting at FIU.

Shelly McCoy was born in Stephenville, a seaside town in Newfoundland, Canada in 1962. Having grown up in a small town by the ocean, she has a general love and respect for nature and is an avid collector of newfoundland beach rocks which are depicted in some of her drawings and mixed media works. 

Always having a passion for art, she received her Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1986, majoring in Painting. Later she received her master's degree in Art Education from Florida International UniHer work in general is experimental in nature ranging from relief mixed media pieces to three dimensional objects comprised of a wide range of materials from the traditional color pencils to the non-traditional asphalt as in her most recent work.

My work spans a range of media from prints and book arts, to sculpture and public works. Two degrees in printmaking, over a decade of residencies in artist’s communities/National Parks, and a parallel career teaching art in Title I Public High Schools for over 20 years have nurtured a desire to make my work accessible to a broad range of people, and supportive of the communities that I am part of. By making multiples I am able to spread my own community around, while leaving pieces of Miami in the communities I travel to. I bring Miami wherever I go, and bring other artists home to my friends and colleagues.

I am born and raised in the Midwest (Detroit), transplanted to South Florida and loving it.

My mother sewed my clothes, my sibling's clothes, and we recycled as a humble family. She learned to sew in Home Economics, a high school course whose origins came out of the Women's Laboratory at MIT beginning in the 19th Century. I felt odd growing up wearing asymmetrical handmade clothes, yet as society continues to become more materialistic and consumer-focused, individual expression becomes constricted and rarefied. The concept of mending and repair becomes obsolete for the new and updated.

As an installation artist , my studio is a relational and plush environment. My work is accessible, funky, quirky, and celebrates the individuality of the viewer by inviting tactile sensations and active participation. Installations encourage viewers to confront their own image, take selfies, wear costumes, touch materials, and reflect upon texts and soundtracks. My texts and audio-visuals talk about class, averting crises, and encourage practitioners not to work for free.

Carola Bravo is a Venezuelan artist who lives and works in Miami. Bravo's work ranges from immersive site-specific video and art installation to public art.  With a solid architecture background, her work addresses space and memory, changing territories, and their geometry, and Bernice Steinbaum Gallery represents it. Bravo holds a Ph.D. in Architecture (2016), an MA. in Art History (2003) from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and a BSc in Architecture from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, USA (1987). Carola is a former Titular Professor, Chair of the Architecture and Art Department, and Head of the Art Section at the Simon Bolívar University in Caracas, Venezuela. Her artwork has been exhibited at international art biennales and art fairs, museums, institutions, and galleries such as Panamá South Biennale, Florence Contemporary Art Biennale in Italy; Sweden Biennale in Stockholm; Shanghai Art Fair in China, FIA in Venezuela, among others.


Sonia Báez-Hernández holds an M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an M.A. in Sociology from the University of California Los Angeles, and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico.  

 She employs an interdisciplinary artistic practice to create community- based art interventions and experimentations. Báez-Hernández’s body of work includes: abstract painting, drawing, printmaking, fiber. installation, performance, film, and poetry to configurate the social, imaginary, and institutions.  

Baez-Hernandez’s art interventions address: detention centers, immigrations, police violence, violence against women, human trafficking, climate justice, medical gaze, Biomedicine, health disparities, inequalities, gender, breast cancer, art as healing, practice, racism, alterity, and violation of human rights, … Her art interventions reveal intersectionality and configurations of the social becoming minors to subvert and infiltrate new possibilities.

She is the recipient of the following Artist-in-Residence: with the Miami-ProjectArt (FL) Artist-in-Residence, with the International Sonoran Desert Alliance and the Tri-National Sonoran Desert Symposium at Ajo, (AZ) to name a few.

Colette Mello

Colette Mello is a creative professional that works in curation, arts administration and fibers

arts. Her activist practice intersects feminism, racial equality, environmental justice, gun

control, and criminal justice reform. The goal of her practice is to stimulate meaningful

conversations on these important issues. Colette has an MFA from Florida International

University in Visual Arts – Curatorial Practice, is a docent at Perez Art Museum Miami and

facilitates art programming at FIU – Miami Beach Urban Studios.

Valeria Montag

Maria Montag

Maria is an artist with full of passion for design,fashion,architecture and art.

Born in Brazil,where she did her bachelors in Art Visual at FAAP,and the same time,Escola Pan-americana de Artes Plásticas.Worked in her own fashion company, Rouparia Montag, for 35 years in SP.

In Miami, she is attending master of Visual Art at Miami International Art and Design.

Maria Lino

Maria Lino holds a Bachelor of Science in Studio Art from New York University,
and a Master of Fine Arts from Florida International University. She is a Fulbright U.S.
Scholar and a two-time recipient of the Oscar B. Cintas Fellowship. As a multidisciplinary
visual artist, she employs drawing, printmaking, text, video, dance, and
textiles, to create individual and group portraits of those who are often overlooked, such
as women, children, people with disabilities, migrants and immigrants. Maria has
exhibited her work extensively in both solo and group exhibitions.

Miriam Machado

Experienced Curator of Education with a demonstrated history of working in the museums and institutions industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, ADA training, Accessibility and Inclusion, Museum Education, Innovative Arts Integration Programming with Miami Dade County Public Schools Curriculum, Event Management, and Art. Strong arts and design professional with a Master's of Art focused in Museum Studies / Education/ Management from The Johns Hopkins University.

Rosie Gordon-Wallace’s professional background belies her current passion. Knowing her just a few years ago, one might never have guessed that this licensed medical microbiologist and former senior consultant for Searle Pharmaceuticals from 1981-1999 is now the founder and senior curator of Diaspora Vibe Gallery and Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, one of the most talked about art incubator spaces in Miami. Gordon-Wallace, always a passionate lover of art, made up her mind in 1996 to devote herself full time to the gallery she created and developed. Diaspora Vibe Gallery, which specializes in Caribbean and Latin American Art with an emphasis on exhibiting emerging artists, supports the development of new work by resident artists by offering workshops and other skill-building opportunities for young artists. 

Karla Mogna

A graduate of IDD Instituto de Diseno Neumann, Caracas, Venezuela. 

Mirena Suarez

Mirena Suarez is a Cuban-born multimedia artist. She received her Bachelor in Arts degree with a minor in Printmaking from the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana. She moved to the United States and furthered her studies at Florida International University and NOVA Southeastern University. Her work reflects on the atemporal universal issues of identity, connection, and change. Through a variety of media that includes mainly tile mosaic, printmaking, drawing and photography, the artist explores philosophical questions associated with the concepts of loss, memory, conception, survival, fragility, perception of time, social relationships and dynamics, and emotional communication as originators of a visual dialogue that expresses the thoughts, worries, perceptions, and the constant internal fights that she experiences. This standpoint goes beyond being auto-referential and becomes a personal expression of the universal query that rules the dynamics inherent to modern life. Mirena has extensively exhibited her work around the world, and has been awarded numerous prizes and recognitions for her artwork. She currently works as a Visual Arts teacher for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. She lives and works in Miami, FL.

Rosario Salazar

Rosario Salazar is a native of Bogota, Colombia. She moved to the US 30 years ago  and after working for several years for various prestigious architectural firms, she open  her own interior design (ID)studio. Following a desire to explore her artistic side working  with natural fibers and other materials, she now enjoys spending more time with others  who continue to inspire her tireless creativity.

Erica Poy

Erika Poy holds a B.A. degree in Architecture from UNAM, Mexico.  She also has studies in Architecture from Carleton University in Canada and  graduate studies in Interior Design and Real Estate from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Erika enjoys working with oils, acrylic and watercolors but is currently obsessed with punch needle, embroidery and sewing techniques as painting and sculpting material.  After living in Mexico, Ottawa, Boston and Toronto she now lives in Miami with her husband and three kids.

Sostenes Marquez

Sóstenes “Sunny” Marquez is a Puerto Rican multimedia artist based in Miami, FL. Her
work is a reflection of her love of nature and people. Marquez has exercised her trade
for three decades on commissions and as a private instructor. Her teaching methods in
art appreciation are based in the great masters and their disciplines; once mastering
these, one is open to contemporary interpretations.

Qinza Najm

Qinza Najm is a Miami/NYC-based Pakistani-American inter-disciplinary artist. She has exhibited at venues including the Queens Museum (Queens, NY), Christie’s Art (Dubai), Art Basel (Miami, FL), Karachi Biennale (Pakistan), Western Exhibitions Gallery (Chicago) Museum of the Moving Image (Queens, NY), and the National Museum of Beijing (China). Her work has been featured in ArtNet News, the NY Daily News, International Business Week, and the Huffington Post.

Najm pursued her fine arts studies at Bath University and The Art Students League of New York, where she studied under the mentorship of Larry Poons. She completed her Psychology PhD at Tennessee State University. Her upbringing in Lahore, Pakistan, adulthood in the United States, and intense training in Psychology inform her paintings, performance and installation work related to gender, politics, and (em)-powerment.

Amanda Madrigal

Amanda Madrigal (b. 1990, Miami, FL) is an American

Contemporary artist who lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Madrigal received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the

Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013. She is a fiber artist who

creates large scale, mixed media installations and soft sculptures

using repurposed materials. Her works exist between the

intersection of comfort and peculiarity, the familiar and the

unknown. Recent Solo exhibitions include "Turning Points" at

ArtHood 56 in Miami, Florida (2019) and "The Garden" at Gallery

217, Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida (2020).

Madrigal was awarded and completed her first residency at the

Aloha Redlands artist in residence program Homestead, Florida

(2019). She has shown her work both nationally and abro

Melanie Prapopoulos

Melanie is the founder of The Contemporary Art Modern Project (The CAMP Gallery) focuses on bringing attention to who they consider the freshest and most interesting emerging and mid career contemporary artists. Prapopoulos, an established artist herself creates collaborative relationships with the artist and the collector through partnering with online giants to increase exposure, to creating and curating unique and innovative pop up exhibitions, both physical and virtual.

Adriana Herrera

Aluna Art Foundation Founders, Willie and Adriana. Adriana Herrera is an independent writer and curator. I received my Ph.D. with an interdisciplinary dissertation in art and literature formulating the concept of “extreme fictions.” Since 2011, I have been part of Aluna Curatorial Collective and cofounded Aluna Art Foundation. More than 200 artists have participated in our projects, expanding social thought and imagination. We have explored the relationship between subjectivity, architecture, and the failure of social dreams in Latin America in several art exhibitions under the title "Affective Architectures". In "Jorge Eduardo Eielson: On the Other Side of Languages" we showcased his poetry and art. "Exodus" at Centro CCE Miami, 2014, was an interactive and community participative award-winning program. I curated "Women Geometers" at Atchuggary Art Center; "America Weaves" at Coral Gables Museum (2019); "Sonia Falcone" at the National Palace of Ajuda, Lisbon (2017); "Damien Hirst & Sonia Falcone", Montecarlo (2014), "Critical Strategies of Post-Utopian Cuban Art", Houston (2011); among other exhibitions.


‘Ganxxet’. With just one X means Crochet in Catalan, with two XX it is a hidden message of “girls united”. 

Ganxxet is a small shop in Miami for fiber materials used to empower women textile artists. Proprietor Nuria carries a whole line of eco-conscious rope and yarn for macrame, weaving, crochet and knitting.



Artists/ Members are not listed in alphabeticalrder but rather in the order of in which they became members.

Our organization welcomes anyone interested in learning, teaching, practicing, or advocating for the textile arts in Miami or abroad.

Our goal is the education and advancement of the fiber arts medium.

Alicia Rodriguez

I been working as an artist for 45 plus years. Born in New York, in a multi-cultural and multi-artistic family, and raised in Venezuela. Studied architecture at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and Fine Arts at the Escuela de Artes Visuales Cristóbal Rojas. Worked in Paris France. Have been a Photography professor for University. Art director in publicity and editorial companies. Photography for publicity agencies and editorial companies. Taught painting and photography at my private Studio in Caracas. Moved to Florida in the nineties. Got involved with a nonprofit organization for children with especial needs, La Ventana de los Cielos, giving art lessons to the children. Learned gilding and Glass mosaic restauration in Florence Italy as part of a restauration program with UNESCO. I have included mediums like fused glass, clay and resin into my Quilts . I currently have a studio in Studio 18 where I give classes and develop my art work 

Damian Rojo

Rojo is a fabricator and designer of monumental installations and environments, independent artist, filmmaker and clothing designer, Most recently,
he re-imagined Star Hill Ranch - a ghost town in Houston, Texas as an arcade game where the
guests became game components. For the 2020 elections he was commissioned by famed
choreographer Andros Zins Browne to create traveling performance stages for “Vote Float”
traveling through Miami Dade County.

Gabriela Garza


Karen Escalera


Sandra Buitron