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Open Call 2024

"Unraveling Surrealism: Celebrating Women's Narratives through Contemporary Fiber Art"

Hartvest Project is happy to invite The Fiber Artists Miami Association (FAMA) to team up for a special juried exhibition of fiber-based work titled "Unraveling Surrealism: Celebrating Women's Narratives through Contemporary Fiber Art."


Curated by Hartvest Project in collaboration with FAMA and hosted by Pinecrest Gardens, this exhibition celebrates 100 years of Surrealism, pays homage to the incredible legacy of women in art, and reimagines their narratives through the lens of contemporary textile art.


At the same time, Hartvest Project is celebrating its 10th anniversary, a journey of art connections that has included the production of approximately 300 art events and the collaboration of over 250 local artists, organizations, curators, and followers who have been part of this exciting art journey.


For this exhibition, we invite artists to create works that think about the magic and strangeness of beauty in the unconventional medium of textile art, revindicating 100 years in history.


We aim to amplify and liberate these voices, reclaim their narratives, and illuminate their enduring influence on the artistic landscape through the fusion of different fiber techniques. Artists are encouraged to push the boundaries of fiber art, forging new connections between past and present and tradition and innovation.

Exhibition Info:

September 7 to October 27, 2024

Deadline: August 17, 2024

Opening Saturday, September 7, 2024

Exhibition Location:

HARTVEST Project @ Pinecrest Gardens, 11000 Red Rd, Pinecrest, FL 33156

Must be a FAMA member at time of registration to apply

Submission form


Submit one to three works with the registration form attached. Works must be professionally photographed. 

  • Indoor 2D works only for the walls (no floor or ceiling, only wall mounted artworks).

  • Outdoor installation/ sculpture proposals are being accepted through June for inside the historical cages and other exterior areas. Send a proposal with drawing before commencing work. We recommend you visit the garden to see outdoor spaces. Must be approved in advance.


  • Media accepted include fiber based, plastic, paper, or mixed media 

  • Textile matrix may be combined with painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, found objects, assemblage, lighting/other electric media including sound. 

  • Works are required to incorporate textile processes.

  • FAMA follows anonymous and blind adjudication procedures.

Open Call 2025

Open Call"Ancestral Lines"
Photo Courtesy Coral Springs Museum, Art Denise Treizman

Closed Call

Miami International Fine Arts, MIFA GALLERY, in partnership with Fiber Artists Miami Association, FAMA, announces a call for artworks for their “The American Denim” exhibition. It is open to fiber, textile, or mixed-media artists working with denim anywhere in the world. 

Learn more


MIFA GALLERY, in partnership with FAMA, announces a call for artworks for their “The American Denim” exhibition. It is open to fiber, textile, or mixed-media artists working with denim anywhere in the world. 


This group exhibition will be curated by the Fiber Artists Miami Association (FAMA) and invited jurors. The show will run from October 5 to 27, 2023. 


Each artist must fill out the digital application and pay the fee FAMA members

and non-members . The application form and payment must be submitted before Sep 8th to be considered for exhibition. FAMA members receive

a discounted fee.


Artists may submit up to 3 artworks exploring denim in any way as part of their work. Please include up to 2 images per work. Video projects, sculptures, performances, or documentation of other time-based work can be submitted via a public YouTube or Vimeo link. Please limit these to no longer than 10 minutes in length. 



  • 9/22 Open call application closes at 11:59 PM  

  • 9/23 Applicants notified of their acceptance

  • 9/25-9/29 Artwork drop off 

  • 10/5 Opening 6-9 pm

  • 10/27 Exhibition closes 

  • 10/30- 10/31 Deinstall / Artwork pick up



If you plan on shipping work, please note that work should be received at MIFA Gallery at 5900 NW 74th Ave, Miami, FL 33166, by Sep 29. The artist must cover ALL shipping costs and insurance related shipping. A return shipment should be arranged for October 31. Inquire with for more information.


How It All Started



Open a larger version of the following image in a popup:

Credit: Sarah Goodman


The annual exhibition Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse has explored the women’s vote, the practice of quilting, and the creation of a room safe for creativity in partnership with Fiber Artists Miami Association (FAMA). For this year’s edition, The CAMP is equally interested in subverting gender-related expectations while leaning into those perspectives using Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and all the reductive connotations of the feminine flooding through the text from bothmen and women as inspiration. 


Going as far back as the mid 1500’s, the word “doll” has been used to describe a compliant but pretty young woman, valued for her attractiveness and not much else. Society’s long-accepted habit of objectifying women, their voices, and experiences continues to be played out in social interactions, on the screen, in the news, and even over a coffee. This year, we ask artists to explore the ideas of this behavior through the idea/concept of dolls and dollhouses. The fourth edition of the exhibition focuses on how “the dolls," i.e., the women of yesteryear (and today) have always held the capacity of power, but were reduced to objects under the patriarchal purview.

Crochet + Weaving
Mixed Media Textiles
Hand braided/ basketry
Sculptured Textiles
Experimetal Tapestry
New Media/Textile
Photo/ Weaving
Ceramic/ Weaving + more

This exhibition will explore the ways color is used to interpret and represent history, heritage, and culture through the lens of fiber arts. We invite any conceptual textile artists from FAMA to produce pieces reflecting on this theme, drawing from your own experiences, identities, and ancestry.  

View the ZOOM meeting

For more information 

Marina Loew 


Closed Call

TIAC & FAMA present: Color Culture

Closed Call

Color Culture will be held at TIAC during the summer of 2023 and will educate visitors on the history of color, focusing specifically on the symbolic use of color as it’s been represented in cultures throughout the ages. In conjunction with the exhibition, weaving and textile workshops will be held offering students and visitors the opportunity to reflect on their own color associations as they pertain to personal cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.

All submissions will be made on the TIAC website. Click on the button below.


Home of the Handweaving Museum. (TIAC)

  • All artwork must be original.

  • Finished artwork may not exceed 24″x36″ (864 sq. in.) or larger than 36" in any direction.

  • Entry form and images must be received by May 1 through the TIAC website. 

  • All artwork will be juried from digital images. 


TIAC houses over 4,000 pieces including textiles, books, and artifacts from weavers around the globe. They are a veritable paradise for textile, and more specifically weaving, enthusiasts looking for inspiration and knowledge. Our impressive collection represents some of the most pioneering work of 20th century North American handweaving, including an early study on the insulative properties of fabric.

Email us with any questions:

Denim Jeans
"Ancestral Lines"

The Coral Springs Museum of Art invites members of the Fiber Artists Miami Association (FAMA) to submit their work for consideration in the upcoming exhibition "Ancestral Lines" which will be on view from April 10th through July 5th, 2025, at the museum's Main and East Galleries.

This exhibition will explore our heritage, where artists can study their traditions and reflect on their relationship with their ancestors: learn from them, honor them, forgive them, and heal with them.

The collective narrative of this exhibition will be rich and based on the diverse ancestry lines reflected in the multitude of techniques the group already manages.

The museum welcomes artworks from individual artists and proposals from groups for large installations. Please note that as part of our partnership with FAMA, this call to artists is open exclusively to its members. We look forward to receiving your submissions and showcasing the incredible talent of FAMA's members in this exhibition.

Exhibition Dates:

 April 10- July 5th, 2025


Deadline: January 25, 2025

Title: "Ancestral Lines"

An exhibition at Coral Springs Museum by members of Fiber Artists-Miami Association (FAMA) and curated by Juliana Juliana Forero, Ph.D.

  • Submit 1 to 5 works per artist. Works must be professionally photographed from various angles to be considered. JPEG format preferred.

  • 2d,  3d, or installation works. Works may be wall-mounted, ceiling-hung, or placed on pedestals.

  • Works must be ready to install. lighting/other electric  



  • Works are required to incorporate textile processes. Media accepted include fiber-based, plastic, paper, or mixed media. The textile matrix may be combined with painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, found objects, assemblage, lighting/other electric media including sound.

Project timeline

  • Include a brief artist statement (maximum 200 words). No fee.

  • Must be a FAMA member to apply

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: January 25, 2025

  • Notification of Acceptance:

February 2025

  • Exhibition Dates: April 10th through July 5th, 2025

We eagerly anticipate your submissions

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