FAMA promotes and encourages excellence in the creation, experience, and support of the arts for the enrichment of our total community. FAMA does not discriminate against any artist or applicant because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation or belief, age, economic standing, or disability.


Who judges the artwork? Our review process for art selection follows anonymous and blind adjudication procedures. Our judges are made up from a pool of professionals in the arts field who are or will become honorary members of FAMA.


 Is there a fee for submission? Our juried exhibitions and events are open to all FAMA members with a minimal fee of $15 for each show. Non members fee of $45.00 includes a one year membership. 

Why is there a fee for submission. FAMA prouds itself on delivering the highest quality, thematically cohesive, non biased, inclusive projects that unfortunately entail costs. FAMA is run by non-salaried volunteer members.

What does the fee cover? The $15 fee covers the cost of the exhibition, professional photo documentation video (est. cost of $600.00), public education workshops (stipend per artist @250.00), exciting and cohesive installation design and dismantling ($500-$800), marketing, promotion, and printing cost of poster signage ($400-$800 estimated cost), website design and yearly expenses ($400), OVR ($1000) or Virtual exhibition creation (250), and offset the cost of hardship membership.

What is the function of FAMA? FAMA does not make commissions from the sale of work exhibited or is responsible for marketing artists.. Our goal is to educate the public on the importance of textiles and fibers within the history of art. As such, our main goal is education.

May I submit if I am not a fiber artist? Yes, FAMA is open to all artists and art enthusiasts who share our same enthusiasm for excellence, education, and promotion of the arts. 

Warp & Weft

Closed- notices will be sent out this week


The Frank Gallery

FAMA artists are invited to submit small to medium size fiber works for digital adjudication to the Warp & Weft Exhibition. This small show of 20 artworks is curated by Nicoll Taryn of the Frank C. Ortis Art Gallery.


May 8, 2021, Digital images due

May 21-24, 2021 Selections will be announced

May 28, 2021: Selected artists accept exhibition invitation and turn in exhibition contracts to the Frank.

June 28 – 30,2021: Artwork is delivered to The Frank

July 15: Opening Reception for Warp & Weft exhibition

Exhibition Dates: TBA

About the Frank: the Frank features a mezzanine exhibition space called ‘The Third Space Gallery’ that is dedicated to highlighting the works of significant South Florida artists, arts organizations, cultural entities and nonprofits. This space shines a light on the local creatives that define the potential and direction of our thriving South Florida artistic community.


Submission Guidelines:

  • One to five artworks (no entry fee)

  • Size restriction small to medium

  • : Works must be fibers based. 24 inches wide or less for medium works; 10 inches in any direction for small works.

***Must be a member at the time of the exhibition. (No fee)

SUBMIT Digital works to fiberartmiamiassociation@gmail.com

Subject: The Frank Gallery-Warp & Weft

OVR- Virtual

Threads of Resilience 


OVR (Online Viewing Rooms) Threads of Resilience

FAMA artists are invited to submit digital images for the OVR (online viewing rooms): Threads of Resilience exhibition.


June 1, 2021Digital images due

August , 2021Selections will be announced

September-December 2021 Online Exhibit days



Threads of Resilience explores the current social and political climate in the US through works created in fibers. 

 “The personal is political,” a term borrowed from a 1969 essay by activist Carol Hanisch, suggests that identity and personal experiences intersect with social and political structures.  Threads of Resilience is an exhibit that is part of FAMA's ongoing concern with using textiles to call attention to social issues.

Threads of Resilience invokes artists to use textile as an instrument of challenge and resistance, but also of reconciliation and healing.

Submission Guidelines:

  • One to five artworks per entry fee.

  • Size restriction: Any size, preferably 2D work. 3 D work must be professionally photographed from various angles to be considered.

  • Specifications for OVR show

media including any type of textile based work or mixed media but not limited to fabric, plastic, paper, or any fiber mix. Works must include a textile based content or be created using fiber processes such as sewing, knitting, knotting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, felting, quilt making, among others.

Media may be combined with painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, computer generated, found object, assemblage, performance, and installation.

We encourage the use of  eco-friendly materials.

Size restriction: No size restriction

***Must be a member at the time of the exhibition.Fee

SUBMIT Digital work to

maria@thecampgallery.com  and


Subject: OVR Threads of Resilience

Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse

Open now-August 15, 2021

Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse

The Camp Gallery

With this installation, over 100 Fiber-Artists Miami Association, FAMA artists work towards unity; we use the metaphor Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse, to raise awareness about the current state of the nation. 


Entry deadline: August 15

August 15, 2021.Pay fee and send one image with statement and sign consignment form to the CAMP

Sept. 1, 2021, Images/ digital must be sent to CAMP

Sep. 15, 2021, Deliver physical work to the CAMP

Opening Reception:  TBA

Exhibition Dates:       October 1- 31, 2021


Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse is an artist call for participation in a textile-based group installation, consisting of equally sized, small quilted artworks displayed together to make one monumental quilt-like wall piece.  

With this installation, over 100 Fiber-Artists Miami Association, FAMA artists work towards unity; we use the metaphor Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse to raise awareness about the current state of the nation. 

We celebrate difference, create for the common good, and facilitate the bipartisan conversation using thread and needle. The installation is a microcosm of personal statements, honoring and intercrossing quilting tradition to accommodate the contemporary individual voice. 

The monumental installation reinforces the power of the group that changes the fabric of society.

Submission Guidelines

  • One to five artworks per entry fee

  • Size restriction 24 x 24 inches

  • The art pieces will be installed to mimic a very large quilt. Each square will be pinned to the wall so it is essential that the piece be a square 24 x 24 inches. If for example, you create a knitted piece, you must put a backing so that there is a 24 x 24 fabric that will meet the edges.

  • Art quilts can be pictorial or abstract, use traditional or non traditional techniques. There must be a minimum of two layers stitched together.

  • Each square is an original work that explore a concept or idea using fiber.

  • The quilt can be embellished with beads, paints, or found object.


  • (Optional) artists wanting to sell works must sign a contract with the CAMP Gallery for consignment of the works and sale commissions are 50% for the CAMP. 

  • The CAMP Gallery is responsible for the marketing, sales, and all details pertaining to this exhibition. Artists on contract will be featured in artsy.net, Artnet.com, Artspace.com and Artland.com.

  • Each participating artist will have a profile on these locations for the duration of the exhibition. 

Please contact the CAMP Gallery with any questions related to the FAMA Quilts


1. Artist will communicate directly with the CAMP Gallery. Any questions related to this annual show, please contact the CAMP

2. Artist must photograph their work using high resolution for submission to adjudication.

2. Artist will adhere to the 24 x 24 inch outside measurement {please make sure you follow this rule if no other}.


1. Facilitate an exhibit space for FAMA artists during the month of October.

2. Marketing of artwork on Artnet, Artsy for

those artists who send in a bio, statement, and sign contract.

3. Provide printed invitation for advertising


1. Organize workshops on quilt techniques physical and virtual

2. Organize Zoom educational workshops

3. Installation and curatorial assistance to CAMP

4. Create a video for marketing in collaboration with the CAMP

SUBMIT Digital work to




***Must be a member at the time of the exhibition.Fee

Subject line: Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse: The Quilt.


Photographing Work: A full view of completed work showing all four corners, A detailed photo showing stitches or other important segment of the piece. 


Do not frame your piece, no rods 

SUBMIT Digital work to


fiberartmiamiassociation@gmail.com.  Subject: 40 Women Pulling- Quilts. Arwork Submission

The fee is payable on the

Talking Threads: Dialogues with Weavers and Knotters of South Florida

Opens now-Aug. 1, 2021

Talking Threads: Dialogues with Weavers and Knotters of South Florida

The Four Arts Museum, Palm Beach

Talking Threads: Dialogues with Weavers and Knotters of South Florida is a companion exhibition that complements SOFA’s presentation of the traveling exhibition A Beautiful Mess: Weavers and Knotters of the Vanguard, also on display November 13, 2021 – January 30, 2022.



Description (Submissions) 


Submission Form Please use this form to submit your artwork.


Gallery plans 

Zoom Presentation in PDF format

Must be a member of FAMA at time of submission. Fee

SUBMIT Digital image to rdunham@fourarts.org

and cc fiberartmiamiassociation@gmail.com 

Subject Line: FAMA submission for Talking Threads

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