Aurora Molina

Alina Rodriguez

Evelyn Politzer

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Sewing is a survival skill.

Pip Brant

Horizontal and vertical lines like the warp and weft are metaphors for life.

Evelyn Politzer

FAMA is a multicultural fibers group in which all members speak the same language; the language of fibers.

Aurora Molina

Membership-We facilitate participatory arts events, community engagement, collaborative and interactive workshops on and off line- "Threading Thoughts", and facilitate exhibition opportunities. Materials connect us and empowers us all.


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FAMA, Fiber Artists-Miami Association welcomes like-minded creatives in unifying local fiber arts leaders and enthusiasts. We offer networking opportunities for all through exhibitions, workshops, newsletters, and blogs. Our main goal is the education and advancement of the fiber arts as an art form.

FAMA launches our artist collective amidst the COVID 19 pandemic and systemic social unrest with the aim of building on state-level passive activism armed with a thread and needle only.



The Contemporary Art Modern Project (The Camp Gallery) in collaboration with Fiber Artists-Miami Association, (FAMA) announces their signature art exhibition to commemorate American women winning the vote. Forty Women Pulling at The Threads of Social Discourse - FAMA and Guests,  will be held at 350 NE 75th St Space 109 Miami, FL 33138. On view from October 1- October 28, 2020, by appt only.  This show honors the 2020 Women's Vote Centennial and creates awareness about our duty to vote. fiberartmiamiassociation@gmail.com

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Yolanda Sanchez


Soft Closing Sat. Oct. 24,
5 pm-7 pm
through Oct. 28

We invite you to celebrate with us the centennial of the 19th amendment through the exhibition, 40 Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discord. Our exhibition commemorates the strong women of the suffrage movement who remind us that our VOTE COUNTS! RSVP fiberartmiamiassociation@gmail.com

Workshop for members only

We are very excited to present our first FAMA community workshop. We will meet the lovely Oralia and Amparo; our friends from the women's collaborative from Trama, Xela, Guatemala. Register free through Eventbrite.  Artisan Bios