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Aurora Molina

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Sewing is a survival skill.

Pip Brant

Horizontal and vertical lines like the warp and the weft are metaphors for life.

Evelyn Politzer

FAMA is  a multicultural fibers group in which all members speak the same language; the language of fibers.

Aurora Molina

FAMA is a collaborative of fiber artists that encourages dialogue and a culture of free expression. As a FAMA member we ask you to collaborate with us on on building a mission statement that defines the purpose, values and direction of our association. Send us your ideas:  a clear compelling statement of collective's objectives, a performance standard that include individual and collective artworks aesthetic, innovation that will allow for extraordinary achievement of goals. The mission statement will be unveiled on August 7.  fiberartmiamiassociation@gmail.com

Membership-We facilitate participatory arts events, community engagement, collaborative and interactive workshops on and off line- "Threading Thoughts", and exhibition opportunities. Materials connect us and empowers us all.


FAMA Flags registration is open now through August 7. Please fill out the registration and pay the fee found on the membership fees page to finalize your pledge to create a flag.