How Many Entries? Do I have to be a member?

One idea per entry fee. The entry fee is $15 for 1 entry.. There is no limit on the number of entries. Non members fee is $50 payable at time of submission.

Size Restriction

Please see above or contact the curator for more details.

Selling Your Work

Artists wanting to sell works must contact the curator for more details.


Artworks are for sale with 50% for the artist. FAMA and the exhibition space will provide marketing for the event.

Are there fees?

Yes, 15.00 dollars per entry. Payable on day of submission.







Delivery and Pick up

This is a juried exhibit. You will receive an email to the status of your work. If it is accepted, the artist is responsible for timely delivery of work and pick up at the end of the exhibition. Anyone failing to pick up their work by the due date without making further arrangements will be charged $50.00 a day for storage. The gallery is not responsible for your work or will carry insurance for your work after the deadline to pick up work. thank you for understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions


FAMA promotes and encourages excellence in the creation, experience, and support of the arts for the enrichment of our total community. FAMA does not discriminate against any artist or applicant because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation or belief, age, economic standing, or disability.

Who judges the artwork? Our review process for art selection follows anonymous and blind adjudication procedures. Our judges are made up from a pool of professionals in the arts field who are or will become honorary members of FAMA.

Is there a fee for submission? Our juried exhibitions and events are open to all FAMA members with a minimal fee of $15 for each show. Non members fee of $45.00 includes a one year membership. 

Why is there a fee for submission. FAMA proud itself on delivering the highest quality, thematically cohesive, non biased, inclusive projects that unfortunately entail costs. FAMA is run by non-salaried volunteer members and is a not for profit organization.

What does the fee cover? The $15 fee covers the cost of the exhibition, professional photo documentation video (est. cost of $600.00), public education workshops (stipend per artist @250.00), exciting and cohesive installation design and dismantling ($500-$800), marketing, promotion, and printing cost of poster signage ($400-$800 estimated cost), website design and yearly expenses ($400), OVR ($1000) or Virtual exhibition creation (250), and offset the cost of hardship membership.

What is the function of FAMA? FAMA does not make commissions from the sale of work exhibited or is responsible for marketing artists. Our goal is to educate the public on the importance of textiles and fibers within the history of art. As such, our main goal is education.

May I submit if I am not a fiber artist? Yes, FAMA is open to all artists and art enthusiasts around the world who share our same enthusiasm for excellence, education, and promotion of the arts. 

Threading the City

Fiber Artists Miami Association (FAMA) wants to celebrate and mobilize the textile arts community with our first city-wide event Threading the City. Artists are a driving force in recharging communities and our economy. Recent data has proven that artists are drivers in placemaking. FAMA understands that the main ingredients to creative placemaking are creative initiators consisting of a team, building on our collective expertise, mobilizing support from organizations, community engagement, and creating partnerships. As such, Threading the City is an investment in an economic, cultural, and social platform that will help revitalize and showcase the extraordinary talent of local and international textile artists. The event serves as a platform to unite local and international artists, curators, institutions, and educators in dialogue to demystify the world of contemporary textile art.

Threading the City
is funded by The Ellies, Miami’s visual arts awards, presented by Oolite Arts.

Portals @ Artnezs, El Portal

Artnezs invites artists to explore outdoor sculpture, performance, installation, restorative harvesting and dyeing, and other tactile processes that relate to the theme of Portals: doorways, gates, large presences permitting passage, entry, acceptance, and inclusion. 


Opening a gate to redefine a neighborhood can recall the complex histories of those who once inhabited the lands and reflect the financial goals of those developing the area. Artists can acknowledge the cultural practices of those who came before them through traditional and non-traditional approaches to site-specificity. 


El Portal, meaning "the gate," in Spanish also references the huge wooden gates on Northeast Second Avenue that were deinstalled in the 1940s. The village was originally the capital of the Tequesta tribal area in the 16th century and is a designated bird sanctuary. There is a gate that remains today, separating NW 84th with 85th Street, demarcating the El Portal and Little River neighborhoods.



Opening a gate to redefine a neighborhood can recall the  complex histories of those who once inhabited the lands  and reflect the financial goals of those developing the  area. Artists can acknowledge the cultural practices of  those who came before them through traditional and non traditional approaches to site-specificity.

El Portal or the  gate references the forgotten wooden gates on Northeast  Second Avenue uninstalled in the 1940s. The village was  originally the capital of the Tequesta tribal area in the  16th century and is a designated bird sanctuary. A gate  remains today that separates El Portal and Little River  neighborhoods.


The Answers You Need

Submission Requirements

We are asking those who are engaged with the portal theme to submit work that can be installed by the artist with assistance on-site primarily outdoors; limited indoor space is a possibility and inclusive to most mediums including but not limited to sculpture, mixed media, dyeing, and process-based work, performance, and beyond.


Important: Artnezs is not responsible for weather, sun bleaching, or other natural factors that impact outdoor work. We expect those artists applying for this opportunity to factor natural elemental possibilities into the intentions of their proposed works. 

​Eligibility: Emerging and established professional artists or artists teams are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Artworks are encouraged to be for sale (50% for the artists).

Submission Materials

  1. Statement of Intent (200-character limit) 

  2. Proposal description (200-characters)

  3. CV: (1-page limit per artist) including artist's name, address, email, and phone number. Teams must submit one resume/CV per team member merged into one PDF file.

  4. Images: Up to 3 (300 dpi) images of artwork in jpg format. Proposal sketches and renderings are welcome-only one artwork or concept per image. 

  5. Image Captions: Include date, dimensions, medium, value, and price

Important Dates

Entry Deadline: September 1, 2022

Please submit your application to:

-Apply with a google folder, Wetransfer, or convert PDF files with high resolution 300 dpi JPEG images into a compressed zip file with email subject PORTALS

Fee entry is $15.00 per entry (1 artwork per entry-up to 3 images of each entry). You may enter as many works as you wish.

Must be a FAMA member or become a member at the time of submission

Artwork Delivery/Pick up

All accepted physical artwork must be delivered to Artnezs: 66 NW 84 Street, Miami, FL 33150 between September 26–29, 2022

All accepted artworks must be picked up by December 16, 2022

Programming TBA