How Many Entries? Do I have to be a member?

Up to3  entries are allowed.  The entry fee is $15 per 1 entry..  Non members fee is $50 payable at time of submission if done in person.

Size Restriction

​Maximum Size Artwork Display Area

 36" width x 48" height


Artwork is not for sale but you can leave literature or business card.


FAMA in collaboration with ArtSeen 365 & Harvest Projects will be marketing the exhibition, however artists are encouraged to advertise on their own social media.  The work will be insured after delivery, during the exhibit and until the deadline date of work pick up.

Are there fees?

Yes, 15.00 dollars per entry. Payable on day of submission. Pay using the link below for this call.

Delivery and Pick up

This is a juried exhibit. You will receive an email to the status of your work. If it is accepted, the artist is responsible for timely delivery of work and pick up at the end of the exhibition. Anyone failing to pick up their work by the due date without making further arrangements will be charged $50.00 a day for storage. The gallery is not responsible for your work or will carry insurance for your work after the deadline to pick up work. thank you for understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions


1 Entry


 $15.00 per entry (1  artwork per entry-up to 3 images of each entry)

Must be a FAMA member or become a member at time of submission

2 or More Entries

$15.00 per entry

$15.00 per entry. With this button you can pay for 2 or more entries. 

Renew Membership

$35 for One Year

Renew your yearly membership to FAMA


FAMA promotes and encourages excellence in the creation, experience, and support of the arts for the enrichment of our total community. FAMA does not discriminate against any artist or applicant because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation or belief, age, economic standing, or disability.

Who judges the artwork? Our review process for art selection follows anonymous and blind adjudication procedures. Our judges are made up from a pool of professionals in the arts field who are or will become honorary members of FAMA.

Is there a fee for submission? Our juried exhibitions and events are open to all FAMA members with a minimal fee of $15 for each show. Non members fee of $45.00 includes a one year membership. 

Why is there a fee for submission. FAMA proud itself on delivering the highest quality, thematically cohesive, non biased, inclusive projects that unfortunately entail costs. FAMA is run by non-salaried volunteer members and is a not for profit organization.

What does the fee cover? The $15 fee covers the cost of the exhibition, professional photo documentation video (est. cost of $600.00), public education workshops (stipend per artist @250.00), exciting and cohesive installation design and dismantling ($500-$800), marketing, promotion, and printing cost of poster signage ($400-$800 estimated cost), website design and yearly expenses ($400), OVR ($1000) or Virtual exhibition creation (250), and offset the cost of hardship membership.

What is the function of FAMA? FAMA does not make commissions from the sale of work exhibited or is responsible for marketing artists. Our goal is to educate the public on the importance of textiles and fibers within the history of art. As such, our main goal is education.

May I submit if I am not a fiber artist? Yes, FAMA is open to all artists and art enthusiasts around the world who share our same enthusiasm for excellence, education, and promotion of the arts. 

Submission Requirements


Including but not limited to photography, printmaking, photo collage, digital media, mixed media, wall installation, etc.

Eligibility: Emerging and established professional artists or artists teams are eligible and encouraged to apply (students are not allowed).

​Maximum Size Artwork Display Area

 36" width x 48" height

Artworks are for sale (70% for the artists)

Artwork Delivery/Pick up

Drop-off Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

9:00 am – 2:00 pm


All work must be dropped off in person.

No shipping or pickup is offered or allowed. 

Artists are responsible for packing and round-trip delivery. 

We cannot store any packing material. 

NOTE: Art MUST be ready to hang. Any artwork not ready for installation WILL NOT be accepted.

We will provide insurance during the time of the exhibition.


Returning Artwork Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The artist will pick up artworks within one day following the exhibition's closing date. We cannot store artworks. We are not responsible for returning any artwork after the pickup date.

Submission Materials

  1. Statement of Intent (200-character limit) 

  2. Resume: (2-page limit per artist). Current professional resume or curriculum vitae (CV) including artist's name, address, email, and phone number. Teams must submit one resume/CV per team member merged into one PDF, DOC, or DOCX file.

  3. Images: Up to 3 digital images of artwork in jpg format. Do not put text on your images. Please use only one photograph per image. 

  4. Images Caption: Include date, dimensions, medium, and value (per insurance purposes)

Important Dates

Exhibition Dates: 

Opening: Saturday, November 12, 2022

Closing: Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Entry Deadline: August 15, 2022

Please submit your application to:

-Convert PDF files and Jpeg images into a compressed zip file.

-Email the zip file as an attachment to FAMA email using "2022 FAMA " as email subject line.

Threading the City

Fiber Artists Miami Association (FAMA) wants to celebrate and mobilize the textile arts community with our first city-wide event Threading the City. Artists are a driving force in recharging communities and our economy. Recent data has proven that artists are drivers in placemaking. FAMA understands that the main ingredients to creative placemaking are creative initiators consisting of a team, building on our collective expertise, mobilizing support from organizations, community engagement, and creating partnerships. As such, Threading the City is an investment in an economic, cultural, and social platform that will help revitalize and showcase the extraordinary talent of local and international textile artists. The event serves as a platform to unite local and international artists, curators, institutions, and educators in dialogue to demystify the world of contemporary textile art.

Threading the City is funded by The Ellies, Miami’s visual arts awards, presented by Oolite Arts.



Life at Street Level Hosted by HARTvest Project @ Pinecrest Gardens Gardens

The urban fabric is a metaphor for city topography. Just like textiles can come in many weaves, colors, and textures, the physical form of cities is innumerable. This provocative exhibit interweaves fiber with photography, photo collage, and installation works to capture an instant view of Miami at the street level that conveys urban resilience.


The location is Pinecrest Gardens, South Florida Cultural Arts Park. This historic landmark will surround the various artworks with rare and exotic tropical vegetation creating a juxtaposition between the urban views and nature